“We’re gonna need a bigger GEEK…”


“Come on down here and chum some of this geek.”*

We here at Comic Book Clog have a lot to offer – we’re covering comic books, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Comics TV shows, indie books and now, we’re expanding our coverage to all things geek.  What does that mean?  I’m glad you asked! 

When I say that this category will cover all things geek, I mean all things geek! Harry Potter, The Terminator movies, the Jurassic Park franchise, the Heroes Reborn tv show, GI Joe, Transformers, Game of Thrones. video games, board games, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Star Wars, Halloween costumes —


…The Simpsons, geek culture, mass hysteria!

geek(And by mass hysteria, I mean the Ghostbusters franchise.)

Anyway, this is something we hope to start bringing you in the near future!  If you need a fix right now, here’s some Game of Thrones posts.

*If you’re trying to figure out why I kicked off this new category with a nonsensical Jaws reference… I guess I’m just that kind of geek.  I guess I’m also promising obscure references.