Here’s a bunch of comic book crap

Let’s see, whata we got here in dis big ol’ bag of notable but not especially interesting?  Hawkeye parodying a pop song I don’t know, Stan Lee’s school of cameo acting, a Dark Knight Returns sequel and the tiniest X-Men: Apocalypse spoiler imaginable. 

So yeah… Hawkeye is parodying “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran, but since I’m old, I don’t know this song… maybe it’d be funny if I did, but as it stands, this is tragically long and not funny.

Speaking of tragically long and unfunny, here’s some weird Avengers: Age of Ultron cross promotion with Audi, because… synergy.  Somehow.  I don’t get it.


Here’s your first look at Nightcrawler in .  He looks basically the same as last time, so I have no idea why they went out of their way to drop the video.  (Yeah, it was revealed in the worst video ever.  I got ya a screengrab instead -you’re welcome.)  What a waste of time… it’s an X-Men movie!  Of course we’re going to see it!  The marketing campaign for this movie is horrible!


Not be left out, DC’s giving you a sequel you probably don’t want in Dark Knight:  The Master Race.

So… yeah.  You saw the title of this post, right?  I didn’t exactly bury the lead.


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