“The Anvil or the Hammer” – Gotham episode review

See how this promo for Gotham says “Next Monday?”  That refers to 4/27/15, during which “The Anvil or the Hammer” premiered.  There is an EMBARRASSING amount of footage in this video that’s not in this episode.  It’s kind of a metaphor for the entire series. 

So this week’s episode… yeah, remember in last week’s review when I said, “I got five bucks that says they never even mention Fish’s gunshot wound in next week’s episode”?  Well… somebody owes me five bucks.  Again, metaphor.  But what’d we learn this week?  Not much.  Let’s see:

Ed’s crazy…  Yeah, we know.  He’s always been crazy.

What was the point of the Ogre arc? To bring Barbara back into the show? They went out of their way to say that this incident didn’t make Jim realize he still loves her – quite the opposite. And is she crazy now? Or just in shock? She was super weird in her last scene… was the idea that there were crazy pills in the water she drank in the last apartment scene? And since when did she want her parents dead? Was I supposed to infer that based on a single two-minute scene from… I dunno… last October?!? But really, what did we learn about the characters from the Ogre incident? NOTHING.  And how did this advance the plot?  It DIDN’T. Remember, Gotham, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” OR:

Was the entire arc with Bruce, Selina, Alfred, Alfred’s friend and the Wayne Enterprises executives simply a way to get Lucius into the show? And was Lucius implying that Thomas Wayne was some sort of secret bad ass?  I think the answer is yes based on the promo for this episode that includes footage… not in this episode.  (The moving fireplace.)

The Marone shootout at the end…  Ugh.  Him and his boys are all, “We’re just firing at a random car that presumably has people who work Falcone inside because this isn’t a well written show. Bang, bang, bang!” If it was a well written show, they’d have killed someone we knew from Falcone’s crew so there’d be meaning and not just a “Look! Marone’s doing exactly what he said he’d do!”  Instead, we just get random shooting.  And why would Penguin keep his plan a secret from his top guy? He could have easily screwed it up. Well, I know why – to try to misdirect the audience.



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