“Under the Knife” – Gotham episode review

Remember last week on Gotham when Fish got shot and Penguin went out of his way to buy that bar?  Well, none of that gets resolved (or mentioned) in this week’s episode, “Under the Knife.”  Ah, classic Gotham! 

It’s not all bad, but Gotham sure is a mess. I do like the Bruce/Selina dynamic, but I don’t care about their story arc at all.  They’re trying to find something but they don’t know what it is… I guess that guy that Selina pushed them out the window somehow led us down this path.

And it gets worse from here – stuff like:

“Hi, I’m Bruce Wayne. Jim told me a lot about you. Oh, and Selina lives with you. The two love interests of the two protagonists live together. HOW CONVENIENT! Say, what’s that on the ground over there? Is that the script?”

Barbara has got to be one of the worst written characters in television history. We know she has to get back together with Jim eventually but they’ve turned her into a character he’d NEVER have a relationship with EVER.  The writers just don’t give a shit – they just keep digging deeper and deeper holes they have neither the talent nor inclination to write themselves out of – the disappearance of characters and plot threads from episode to episode (aforementioned Fish and bar) are proof of that.

And what did Maroni have to gain by that incident with Gertrude and Penguin? NOTHING. I guess he just has a lot of free time on his hands.

So Ms. Kringle rejected Ed and NOW he kills her abusive boyfriend? Also, the lengths they went to tie the stabbing to Ed’s virginity was… weird. And why make his turn to a life of crime sympathetic by having the Riddler kill a ‘bad’ character? I guess it’s supposed to be more realistic… Oh Gotham. Don’t try thinking about realism – it’s not your strong suit.

But I will say this:  “Under the Knife” did have good musical cues.

Anyway, I got five bucks that says they never even mention Fish’s gunshot wound in next week’s episode.


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