These Trailers Are Making Me Nervous


So:  I saw the trailer for the new Star Wars  and thought, “OK, could be interesting, looks pretty; we’ll see.”   Then I saw the Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer and the Fantastic Four reboot trailer and I just slumped in my chair.  Here’s why: 

I’ve watched this trailer several times and I can’t get passed the point that there isn’t anything especially memorable about it.  The most interesting visuals here are of Batman either standing still or moving very slowly.  Otherwise… not much to look at.  I guess we’re supposed to be shocked the whole ‘false God’ thing, but if you saw Man of Steel and its insane amount of Jesus allusions, but that just annoyed me because my puny brain can’t reconcile the two extremes of “Superman is GOD!” and “Superman is the worst thing EVER!”

At least not as delivered here and not in the space of a few seconds.

Also, I get the feeling that the first act of the movie is going to be the Batman vs Superman part of the flick; after all, if Wonder Woman and Aquaman are getting wedged in here, surely they’ll all come together and fight somebody/thing in the third act, so…

The Batman voice:  while I do think this is logical, I HATE it.  Someone of Batman’s wealth and intelligence would, in the 21st Century, probably disguise their voice via technology, it’s just not working for me.

But more to the point, I just don’t think I am especially interested in seeing a movie where Batman and Superman fight and Superman is worshipped as a messiah figure (who knocks down buildings and snaps people’s necks).  I just don’t want to – but I could be won over if it’s an amazing flick.

And I don’t see that happening based on MoS and the trailers/info we have so far.

See, “the muscle” doesn’t seem to have much in the way of muscles…  it’s kind of metaphor for everything that’s happening here:

  1. the trailer wastes most of its running time with the new origin – we don’t care about the details because we already know where it’s going, so the first 1:20 is pointless; I’m ALREADY BORED and I haven’t even seen the movie yet
  2. there are no story details after the origin, which is the only reason to see this movie (because even if they do a twist on it, you already know the origin to the Fantastic Four) and the little that’s there in no way entices me – I guess they opened a portal to some other dimension/place/whatever and someone/thing followed them back (Heralds of Galactus?), but again, ALREADY BORED, don’t care
  3. there are no actors I like enough to get me into the theater based solely on their appearance in this film

I guess all I can say for now is that Batman v. Superman at least has the potential to be interesting if not an especially good film, but his FF movie just looks plain boring, which is the worst thing you can do in a flick.