NEW Gotham! “Beasts of Prey”

It’s back! It’s convoluted!  Here are 6 thoughts on “Beasts of Prey,” the latest trainwreck from Gotham

“Exit, stage left.”
As we told you some weeks ago, Jada Pinkett is not going to be on the show next season, so maybe we’ll get a spectacular helicopter crash shortly after which she bleeds out… but the former sounds expensive, so let’s assume we’ll just get the latter.

One man against a police department.
So this Ogre character has killed a minimum of 12 people and the police don’t pursue him because he comes after your family?  I don’t buy that for a second – the cops we see on this show would revenge kill the shiz out of this Ogre fella if he killed a cop’s family.
I guess all those flashbacks establish character?  They sure were long… kinda felt like they were padding out the episode.

The Penguin is padding out the episode
Seriously, we already know what The Penguin is capable of – that entire exercise was futile.  We already know how bad he wants Don Marone out of the picture… STOP.  WASTING. MY. TIME.

The dialogue between Fish and the thugs is some of the worst in the show’s run.  I’m going from memory, but this is a fair depiction:

FISH:  “So that’s it.”
THUG:  “You really think we can escape?”
FISH: “That’s what I just said.”
THUG:  “How?”

What the hell was FISH saying before “So that’s it,” I wonder?  She was telling them how to escape, but then they went over it all again anyway because the first time she explained it, they were at commercial…  WTF is wrong with these writers?!?

Catgirl pushed that dude out a window!  At least somebody finally died, but on the other hand, it also seems like an easy way to get ride of a character the writers don’t know what to do with.  I’d like to think they’re trying to set the stage for conflict between Bruce and Alfred, who turns Selina in to the authorities and Bruce has to testify and send her to prison, thus cementing her future as Catwoman…  but I doubt they’ll do anything that interesting.  Or logical.

Here are my cards. Get a good look?
Why would Jim tell Loeb his plan?  He gained nothing there – he only exposed himself all the more.
ASIDE:  How many times has Jim grabbed someone and made an idle threat?  Geez this show is getting old fast.

None of these threads tie together
Gotham is a soap opera.  The idea in the soap opera genre is you care about all the characters, so you watch every week (day?) to see what happens to them.  That’s what they’re doing here, but this is a prime time drama… or rather, it’s masquerading as one.  Also, they show does nothing to make me care about the characters beyond the actor’s performance.

What else can I say?  The writing is terrible.  I’m going to finish out the season, but I can’t see myself coming back for another 20 punishing episodes.  Good luck, Gotham.


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