No New Gotham (week 394)


It’s like wandering in the desert and all you want is an hour of nonsensical TV.  Well, the wait is almost over. 

I know, I know.  We’ve been over this.  Gotham’s multiple hiatuses are as frustrating as the show itself. When I think about the show, my mind always travels back to “The Blind Fortune Teller.”  They should have called that episode, “Thy Name is Space Filler.”  Why would Jim need to meet Dick’s parents before they were married – never mind before he was conceived.  It’s really strange to be watching a show and be thinking about two characters procreating and how that will come to bear on the characters… in nine years, a point at which this show will most definitely not be on the air.  Sometimes I think the Marvel people overplan their whole MCU, but Gotham can’t even get a full season right.

Join me next week (Same bat time, same bat channel!) in this space to witness my inevitable disappointment in a show that is the very essence of unharnessed potential. Maybe they’ll pull a rabbit out of Harvey Dent’s hat, but I don’t see that happening.  Here’s to hoping!


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