“Everyone has a Cobblepot” Gotham review

See, I thought that when I reviewed “Red Hood,” I went too far.  In an effort to outdo my crazy, Gotham presents us with “Everyone has a Cobblepot,” which actually made me laugh out loud.   Sigh.  Only this show.

Also, the trailer (above) for “Everyone has a Cobblepot” contains maybe ten percent footage from said episode.  The rest is all recycled BS to make this episode seem more exciting than it actually is.

Sure, Gotham has mystery and intrigue, compelling performances that make characters more interesting than they have any right to be, and often, I feel like I’m watching two or three different shows at once, which can be both an asset and a liability, but then there’s this:


If you watched this episode… I mean, come on, you laughed when you saw this hilarious CG image, right?  A laugh quite literally burst forth from my body – it could not be contained.  Just when you think Gotham can’t get any sillier… well, here’s a new low.

Den of Geek called this episode, “a series of completely disconnected vignettes,” which I think sums it up as well as anybody could.  Yet… I cannot look away; it’s like watching your buddy get a lapdance at a strip club – it’s a beautiful car accident of sorts.  That’s what keeps me watching – morbid curiosity.  And Monday – it helps that this show is on Monday, when I could use a good laugh.

Tune in tonight when I presume Jim Gordon will make Bruce Wayne some Taylor ham and egg to go with the bagel he brought him in the last episode while simultaneously getting elected as Gotham’s representative to the Galactic Senate in the new Star Wars movie.


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