“What the Little Bird Told Him” – Gotham episode review

Last night’s appropriately titled “What the Little Bird Told Him” was the sort of Gotham episode that was a perfect example of the show’s strengths and weaknesses.  

So Jack Gruber is really Jack Buchinsky, AKA the Electrocutioner, huh?  That means nothing to me, except that he falsified his identity, which tells you he’s clever, but we already learned that last episode, so not much gained there.  And man, did this plot thread fissile out or what?  What an anticlimactic ending – and so much for his cleverness.  I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of the Electrocutioner, but I sorta don’t care about him, so whatever.

On the other hand, the drama surrounding Fish Mooney and her attempt to remove Don Falcone is interesting.  I haven’t a clue why Falcone is leaving her alive (at least for now), but I presume her usefulness will to him will be made clear shortly.  Also, if she and Butch (I think that’s her lieutenant’s name) stay alive, they could easily blow Penguin’s cover with Marone… not that it’s not already blown.

Can Barbara Kean please die in a fiery car wreck?  I am not looking forward to the coming love triangle between her, Jim Gordon and Dr. Leslie Thompkins.  Basically, any plot thread that prominently features Barbara is probably going to suck because her characters is aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwful.  Perhaps Barbara will announce she’s pregnant, thus prompting Jim to get back together with her and driving him tragically from Leslie forever.  That sounds about right for this show.

I wouldn’t say this episode was amazing, but it was certainly good enough to bring me back for another week.  I’ll give it… I dunno, a 6.5 out of 10.

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