“Rogues’ Gallery” – Gotham episode review

Gotham returns with “Rogues’ Gallery,” an episode that actually kinda struck a balance between procedural and advancing the plot.  

Like most episodes of Gotham, this one was jammed – probably to a fault.  We got our first look at Arkham Asylum,  met Dr. Leslie Thompkins and Jack Gruber, saw the relationship between characters change… along with some useless padding.

Some bits of Arkham Asylum look great (the infirmary), but some of it is typical FOX – the entrance to the basement is a good example.  I think it’s an insane asylum, but you don’t have to dump crap everywhere and yet still strategically place it so the actors can move around unencumbered.  It looks like a high school haunted house with an unlimited budget!

So why did Beasley freak out when she thought she’d been unmasked?  Was her idea that now that she’d been found out, she’d escape?  But as a nurse, she could have left at any time…

Speaking of people doing stuff that doesn’t make any sense, why do Fish and her lieutenant speak plainly to each other in one scene (“He needs to be dealt with before we make our move.”) and go all cryptic (“I’m optimistic.”) in another?  I guess the idea is to keep the audience on their toes, but it doesn’t make any sense.  I know that guy that was killed was supposed to be a big deal, but he meant nothing to me – just that Fish is consolidating her power.

I guess it’s fair to say that the Penguin and Marone’s relationship has changed, but then, this has always been pointing to the Penguin taking over Marone’s gang – maybe this episode just means it’ll happen sooner rather than later.

The drama between Barbara and Jim is useless.  Barbara’s character is kinda the worst character ever.  I dont’ know what she wants or what the hell she’s doing – I guess that’s the point, but… I don’t get the point.  And this latest development… Selina and Ivy messing up Jim’s life?  That’s the dumbest thing ever.

As usual, “Rogues’ Gallery” was yet another episode of Gotham that was held together by the performances rather than the writing. This is a problem for a dramatic series, but maybe they’ll get it together over time.  Lots of shows had first seasons that were not great, so I think there’s hope for Gotham.

My review of the previous episode can be found here.


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