Gotham: What to expect and hope for in the second half of season 1

Gotham returns tonight!  Given what we’ve seen so far, what should we expect and what can we hope for in the second half of season 1?  It’s all speculation… but we can make some educated guesses based on facts.  FUN!  

First and foremost, we know that Jim Gordon will be working at Arkham Asylum for the foreseeable future AND we know that tonight’s episode (January 5, 2015) is called “Rogues’ Gallery,” so I think we can both hope and expect to see more famous villains in tonight’s episode and in future episodes.  Maybe nobody too big (I don’t think anyone would be shocked to see a fifteen year old Joker at this point), but I’m sure they’ll continue to throw us bones.

Characters have been dropping hints for several episodes and again in the trailer about that something bad happening to Falcone, so I imagine this could be driving us toward a season 1 ending cliffhanger with Falcone getting shot and we’re left wondering all summer whether he lives or dies.  If this happens, I guess he lives, but again – speculation.

Penguin is also feeling his oats, so I think we can look to for him to continue to puppeteer from behind the scenes.  I imagine it’ll take several seasons and many murders for him to take control of a major gang, but that seems to be where this is all going.  The question is, when will someone use his mother to get back at him/control him, and how will he react?  I kinda imagine him killing his mom himself so he can eliminate that liability, but yeah, I’m still just guessing.

The next episode (January 12, 2015) is titled “What the Little Bird Told Him.”    I’m wondering who the little bird might be.  This could be a reference to the Penguin’s relationship with Falcone, but there certainly are no shortage of birds in the Batman/DC Universe – Birds of Prey, anyone?



Oh, and if you check the video at the top of the post, you’ll see there’s a hotel with a green question mark on it as they pull out to a wide shot of the city.  Maybe it’s always been there?  I’m not sure.  Obviously, The Riddler is currently a cop, but I guess that can’t last forever.

Time will tell if I’m on the mark or way off – notice I didn’t have any thoughts on Bruce?  That’s because that character needs a lot of work.  He’s kinda boring – maybe they’ll work on that in this second half.  But how bout that?  A Batman show that doesn’t really have a use for Batman!  It’s the most ingenious/stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.


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